Existence results from entanglements.
Entanglements flourish in obscurity.
Obscurity refracts the light.
Light originates from the source.
Unravel the causality,
To see the originating light.

Where does the light come from?

The moon shines.
I’m pointing to the moon.
Don’t look at the finger.
Don’t look at the moon.
Don’t look at the sun.
When a pure line
Is about to curve.
Disentangle the curving,
To unfold the source.

How do I do that?

Never forget:
You are part of the source.
So don’t look at it.
Look at it as if it were you.
Look at it as it is now.
Look at it as it.
You will see.

– M e t a M o n k –


What is seen,
It cannot be unseen.
What has been seen,
It will fragment into epitomes.
– Embodiments of the pristineness –
Epitomes are
Recurring experiences
Of its refracted light.
– Like a reverberation of the source –

What is unseen,
It is called the pristineness.
The rim of the unseen,
It is called the event horizon.

What appears first,
It is called an original.
What emanates from the original,
It is called an epitome.

Who recognizes the rim,
Is called a visionary.
Who flows within the rim,
Is called a mystic.

Who manifests the original,
Is called a pioneer.
Who realizes the unseen,
Is called an artist.

Who expands the rim,
Is called avant-gardist.
Whoever steps out into the pristineness,
Is called eternalist.

Lived lifetimes
Are reoccurring epitomes.
Lived epitomes
Are the unique arrangements
Of the unseen.
– Manifesting the unseen inspires epitomes –
When narrating a legend,
The sage becomes alive
– In many lives –
In the moment of
The spoken word.

– M e t a M o n k –

___The Source___

The origin of a source
It is the root of the mystery.
At the moment of revelation,
The existence itself becomes evident.
One moment before,
Nothing unhides nothingness.

The genesis of a source
It is the occurrence of an impulse.
All at once it began,
With the formation of a pathway.
– A line becomes a curve –
– A curve becomes a cycle –
The path eventually breaks,
Through its linearity.

The bloom of a source
It is the reflection of its core.
It is experiencing manifoldly,
The versatile vividity of itself.
– A Play of colors of perpetual self-reflection –
This is called fractal fragmentation,
Knowing becomes not-knowing.

The vanishment of a source
It transpires effortlessly.
Back into nothingness,
– It came –
– It disappeared –

– M e t a M o n k –

___Explorers of your kind___

How far i’ve reached out?
– You’re still in –
What’s behind this edge?
– Pristine novelty –
Do we know it?
– Not yet –

Who’s that?
– Explorers of your kind –
What are they doing?
Touching the unseen.
Seeing what was not there yet
What’s happening to the rim?
– Inevitable it’s expanding as a consequence –
Who it belongs to?
– To your kind –

– M e t a M o n k –

___The Transitions___

– Becoming alive –
Life makes death eligible.
– Becoming dead –
Death dignifies life.

Something dies,
So something can become alive.
Something is alive,
So something will die.

What died
So I could become alive?
What will become alive
After I die?

When I started to remember
The transitions,
– Death and life –
Became my legacy.

– M e t a M o n k –

___Fraction of time___

– Coming into existence –
Do you firstly divide matter,
Do you firstly divide time?

From two beings,
From two givings,
You create yourself into innumerable fractions.

At First.

You become many,
So you can become

The process of many,
Causes disruption of the one.
– Synchronicity –

Many times.
– Eventually –
Become one
Time line.

– M e t a M o n k –


Many Times,
Many Faces.

The Meta is woven,
Between the fabrics
Of Possibilities.

I can remember,
Beyond death,
Therefore I became many.

One Being,
Many Time Lines.

– M e t a M o n k –

__Communication network__

Frequency follows the possibilities of communication channels.

Connect a TR. You have a body.
Connect a Virus. You have a voice.
Connect a SP. You have a brain.
Connect yourself. Become frequency.

– M e t a M o n k –