Existence results from entanglements.
Entanglements flourish in obscurity.
Obscurity refracts the light.
Light originates from the source.
Unravel the causality,
To see the originating light.

Where does the light come from?

The moon shines.
I’m pointing to the moon.
Don’t look at the finger.
Don’t look at the moon.
Don’t look at the sun.
When a pure line
Is about to curve.
Disentangle the curving,
To unfold the source.

How do I do that?

Never forget:
You are part of the source.
So don’t look at it.
Look at it as if it were you.
Look at it as it is now.
Look at it as it.
You will see.

– M e t a M o n k –

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