What is seen,
It cannot be unseen.
What has been seen,
It will fragment into epitomes.
– Embodiments of the pristineness –
Epitomes are
Recurring experiences
Of its refracted light.
– Like a reverberation of the source –

What is unseen,
It is called the pristineness.
The rim of the unseen,
It is called the event horizon.

What appears first,
It is called an original.
What emanates from the original,
It is called an epitome.

Who recognizes the rim,
Is called a visionary.
Who flows within the rim,
Is called a mystic.

Who manifests the original,
Is called a pioneer.
Who realizes the unseen,
Is called an artist.

Who expands the rim,
Is called avant-gardist.
Whoever steps out into the pristineness,
Is called eternalist.

Lived lifetimes
Are reoccurring epitomes.
Lived epitomes
Are the unique arrangements
Of the unseen.
– Manifesting the unseen inspires epitomes –
When narrating a legend,
The sage becomes alive
– In many lives –
In the moment of
The spoken word.

– M e t a M o n k –

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