___The Source___

The origin of a source
It is the root of the mystery.
At the moment of revelation,
The existence itself becomes evident.
One moment before,
Nothing unhides nothingness.

The genesis of a source
It is the occurrence of an impulse.
All at once it began,
With the formation of a pathway.
– A line becomes a curve –
– A curve becomes a cycle –
The path eventually breaks,
Through its linearity.

The bloom of a source
It is the reflection of its core.
It is experiencing manifoldly,
The versatile vividity of itself.
– A Play of colors of perpetual self-reflection –
This is called fractal fragmentation,
Knowing becomes not-knowing.

The vanishment of a source
It transpires effortlessly.
Back into nothingness,
– It came –
– It disappeared –

– M e t a M o n k –

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